Cell Well Being Analysis – Hair Test

Cell Well Being Hair Analysis

Appointment duration
Initial Appointment – takes around 10 minutes.

Results – It takes about 30 mins for results

Follow up consult – this can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on how much information needs to be covered.  

Cell Well Being

Cost – $69

What is involved: 
We take a small sample of the hair (including the hair follicle) which gets scanned in-store, the data is then sent to a supercomputer in Germany.  The information is put onto your own personalised report and sent back to us within an hour or so.  Once the report comes back to us we email the client a copy of the report and they can come into the store to go through it with one of our trained staff who can provide knowledge and advice on how to read the results and what steps to take following the test.  We recommend a re-test in 3 months to follow up.