Ear Candle How To

You will need:

A partner to assist you;
A pillow;
A small bowl of water;
Matches or a lighter.

Patient: Lie on your side comfortably. For children, let them put on a favourite video etc.

Ear candling is not recommended for those with painful perforated ear drums or children with grommets in place. Please wait until grommets have fallen out before ear candling.

The assisting partner:

  • Light the wide end of the ear candle, and place the narrow end of the ear candle gently but snugly into the entrance of the ear canal, keeping the ear candle upright.

         Small crackling sounds will be heard as the candle burns.

  • When the candle has burned down about 5cms, temporarily remove the ear candle and trim off the burnt excess (but not the flame) into the water bowl. If ear candling children, let them get up and have a quick wriggle.
  • Place the candle back into the same ear and continue burning, trimming when necessary, until approximately 10cms of ear candle remains.
  • Remove the ear candle and douse it in the bowl of water.  You may wish to clean the ear with a flannel. Repeat the process with the remaining ear candle in the other ear.

NOTE: This is a relaxing procedure so do this with a partner for safety reasons, or have a therapist do it for you.

Ear Candling is not designed to replace other therapies, medical or complementary. Always consult your health professional before undertaking any new therapy.