Keep Moving This Autumn

Staying Motivated Through Autumn

Personal trainer and fitness expert Kelli Burnett tells us how to keep active as we head into the cooler months.

Kelli has been a personal trainer for three years. She finds herself most passionate about her job when working with women, especially mums who can find themselves neglecting their own needs and prioritising their family ahead of their own wellness.

“I best relate to other mums for obvious reasons – I am one! My thrill comes from helping women, especially mums to see their own worth beyond motherhood. I love to see them give some attention to themselves amongst all the other demands and pressures placed on them through today’s busy lifestyle.”

A Mental Shift

“I love helping them get back to feeling like they are strong, beautiful and worthy creatures, because we all are. For me, it’s just as much of a mental shift that is required as it is physical and my training approach addresses both.”

Why is it important to keep active in autumn?

Autumn should be the season to really get the most out of your training, it’s the end of summer drinks and BBQs which we all seem to fall victim to when trying to manage our calorie intake. With winter following soon, the weather can set a lot of people back when it comes to getting out of bed and outdoors.

Make the most of daylight savings!

Autumn still gives us five weeks of daylight savings, so make the most of the longer days and use that time to get your body moving. Once the days become shorter and colder, you should find yourself on a roll with continuing your daily activities. If you are losing daylight hours once daylight savings ends, there are plenty of cost-effective indoor options for you to choose from and a plethora of apps available to assist you with exercise at home.

Try these at home!

Complete each exercise below for 30 seconds x 4 sets with a 15 second rest inbetween.

1. Body weight squats – Focuses on your hamstrings, quads and glutes. Tip: you can use small hand weights to add resistance.

2. Push ups – Targets your chest, shoulders, triceps, laterals and strengthens your core and glutes.

Tip: ensure you tense the whole body to get the maximum benefit.

3. Planks – Targets all the major core muscle groups. Tip: You can plank on your elbows or up with straight, extended arms for an extra challenge.