The Art of Being Sun Smart

As kiwis, we love nothing more than a hot summer’s day at the beach. Give us half a chance, and we’ll pack the car with a picnic, towels, kids and the dog. Lather in sunscreen and you’re good to go! … or are you? 

What’s really behind the label?

Consumer New Zealand recently did a massive study on sunscreens and the results were shocking to say the least. Out of the 20 (commonly sold) sunscreens that were tested, only eight met the requirements claimed on the label. Nine were found not to meet the SPF which was stated, and three were found not to meet their broad-spectrum claim. Read more about it here

With this in mind it’s important to realise that not all sunscreens are created equal! You may be surprised to know that many common brands also still contain parabens and other toxic chemicals. 

The good news is that some brands have done the hard yards to make sure you’re well protected (without all the nasties). Oasis Sun Sport PA++++ SPF40 was one of the minority to pass the Consumer NZ test with flying colours. Not only does this sunscreen offer high broad-spectrum protection against the harsh NZ sun, but it’s also up to 2 hours water resistant, reef safe, and formulated specifically for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. It’s as gentle as possible while still offering protection against both UVA (ageing rays) and UVB (burning rays). 

Stay sun smart this summer and enjoy that sunshine without having to worry! 

Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for educational purposes only. Please do not use this information to diagnose or treat any health concerns you may have. This information is not intended to replace the advice given to you by a qualified health professional. Get in contact with a Tonic Health consultant or a relevant health professional if you need guidance on your individual health journey.